сряда, 12 декември 2012 г.

10 Things to Love about Winter

Here is a small amout of the things,that I am enjoying this wintery christmassy season...

It`s all about glitterry nails this season,so I am in love with my new red nailpolish from Avon ''Lucky penny''.In my opinion,red is the best festive colour and when you add some sparkles it couldn`t be better.

Oh,Holly Christmas Decoration!I feel the best,when I see all these fairylights,snowglobes and red glittery (again!) balls around me!

A good book for the days,when it is too cold to go outside for long walks.It is the cosiest feeling to enjoy an exciting story with a cup of hot coffee and maybe some delicious cookies.Now I am all about ''The Hunger Games''.

I really love to redecorate my ''vanity'' over and over again no matter the season!

I am really happy that in my country it gets cold and snowy enough to wear chunky knits,fluffy scarves and cute beanies!

What is Christmas without a beautiful Christmas tree???

And of course,this post wouldn`t be complete and meaningful without the emblematic red cup from Starbucks.This year I really enjoy the Toffee Nut Latte!

Speaking of good books,I created a new habit of mine-I consume them with a big cup of homemade hot chocolate with cinnamon...Mmmm...

...and sometimes I add some delicious food.In this case it is a yummy homemade pizza with cheese,sausage,olives and basil...

And last,but not least,when December comes I become stay-at-home person,enojoying my warm and decorated house in my kimono.
I think here,in my winter favorites,it is the right place to mention one blog,that I like a long time,already.Please,go and check Dora`s A Drop of Indigo,because it is an amazing place if you are a fan of beautiful clothes and girls!

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