понеделник, 25 февруари 2013 г.

P.S. I love you

So,this month the theme of the Bedroom Beauty Challange is LOVE .
Thank you,Louise,for this great idea.It is also a great chance for me to do a little creative look with hearts,since on 14 February I was in Sofia,bottleneck with exams and lectures and it wasn`t easy to find time for playing with makeup.In situations like this I feel sad,because something,that I really LOVE is to be creative with makeup-for me this is the great kind of Art!
This month I couldn`t decide if I should go for pink ot red look,because this are the two colours,that I associate with the love theme.
I decided to do a bold,but classic red lips,so,the next step was to create this smokey eyelook in red and black and a lot of glitter!
I don`t have red eyeshadow,so I used a red lippencil.The last thing you have to do is draw some little hearts to spice up the look and make it more romantic!

петък, 22 февруари 2013 г.

My Secret Giveaway...Shhh!/CLOSED

So here is this long awaited giveaway,that I`ve promised you a couple of posts ago:)
I am so happy for the first giveaway of my blog.I think that sending you some goodies is a great way to say:''Thank you so much!'' to all my lovely,beautiful and inteligent readers.Really,I am thankfull for beeing with me through this not so long journey with my blog and I`ll try my best to make my blog more interesting and exciting in the future.
So,about the prizes-I decided to give TWO of you lucky readers secret boxes.Each box will contain 15...OH,YES,15 items.
Yes,I must agree,no one would like to hope and pray for a box,not knowing what exactly one can find in there.So here is a little hint-the boxes are full of makeup,cosmetic,hair and other accessories,jelewry,nail polishes and nail accessories,sweet little prizes and so on,and so on...The list is really long,because here we talk about 15 items in every box!I`ve tried to accumulate stuff,that I personaly like,things,that we in Bulgaria use,so it would be interesting for you,the people outside my coutry,to try.
The rules are so simple:
You have to be a follower of my blog via Google Friend Connect
You have to leave a comment under this post,telling me your GFC name and e-mail adress and that is all!
You can win bonus entries if:
You are a follower of my Bloglovin`- +1 bonus entry
You post a link of this giveaway at the end of one of your posts(if you have a blog) and show me the link to your post here- + 3 bonus entries!
If you fullfil the rules for the bonus entries,you have to mention in the comment below,that you are a Bloglovin follower+ the link to your post.Everything in one comment,please!:)
This giveaway is open INTERNATIONALLY.You can take part untill 03 March 2013.I choose this date,because it is one day before the birthday of my favourite thing in this world-my niece Ava:)
I will pick the two winners the way they`ve done this in the early blogger years-put your names in a hat and pick two pieces of paper.I like to be oldschool:)
That is all.Thank you to everyone,that will take part at this and I wish you luck!

сряда, 20 февруари 2013 г.


So,here are a few photos from my...let`s say,that it was a long trip to Sofia,the capital of my country Bulgaria.You can click here ,if you want to know more about the city.
Sofia isn`t the most beautiful,clean city,neither the best place to live in Bulgaria and definitely not even close to cities like Paris,Rome,London or Istanbul.For me,personaly,Sofia is not the dream place,where someone would like to spend their days.But,as they say,every city has something(but Paris has everything! ha-ha).So this is my attempt to show you that ''something'' through my own eyes.
Sorry for the small collection of photos,but since today the Bulgarian government ''fell'' and resign,the country and especially Sofia is covered in protests and strikes,the atmosphere on the streat is really oppressive and it is not the best idea to cross the streets and take pictures.
I hope you are well!

неделя, 10 февруари 2013 г.

Disney's Princess Anastasia Inspired

Here is a quick little makeup look,which is inspired by the beautiful Anastasia Romanova,or at least her image through Disney's eyes.
A couple of years ago(and may be sometimes nowadays) I was a true history lover and after reading a few books,dedicated to the tragic history of the dynasty of Romanovi,I was fascinated by the courage and the power of these forgotten by God people.
Since then,I pray for that,that the little princess Anastasia has survived and that she has had life,filled with luck,happiness and love,as a compensation for the horror,that she has lived!
I am also really inspired by the russian culture and my dream is to be able to do a beautiful russian royalty themed photoshoot as Doe Deere's one!Oh,she is one of the most beautiful women in the world,isn't she?
And a quick update-now I am in the capital of my country-Sofia,for about 10 days more.
I already bought some cute products for my upcomig giveaway,so once again-stay tuned!

понеделник, 4 февруари 2013 г.

Good vs Bad part 3

Hello!Today`s battle is between Ariel and Ursula from Disney`s movie ''The Little Mermaid''.
Ariel is a my favourite Disney Princess and her image brings me a lot of inspiration throughtout the years.
Born and rised in a little town on the Black sea coast,I am reared with sea foam,in my veins flows salty water from the sea.I can`t describe you how much I love the sea,what a pleasure it is to live in the town,where every summer King Neptune and his entourage from nacrous mermaids emerge from Black sea and bless this little special town-Pomorie!
So,my love for the saltwater`s images like Ariel and Ursula comes naturally and I think it does not need any explanation!
You can check out my other sea post here!
Also I have some exciting news for my readers!I am planning to do a little giveaway with two winners very soon.I await a little trip to Sofia(the capital of my country) very soon.I will be away for around I week and be sure,that I will visit some cute stores to choose your prizes!So,stay tuned and look around for the giveaway!

петък, 1 февруари 2013 г.

La Calavera Catrina

This time I`ve gone a little too wilde...Oh,the exciting life I lead!
I am totally fascinated and inspired by La Calavera Catrina,the Mexico's grande dame of death.
I achieved this look using a lot of light foundation,black eyeliner,paper doylies and the most important...a lot of IMAGINATION!Because,when it comes to mythological images,you should draw inspiration from everything you know,read,see,dream and live!