сряда, 20 февруари 2013 г.


So,here are a few photos from my...let`s say,that it was a long trip to Sofia,the capital of my country Bulgaria.You can click here ,if you want to know more about the city.
Sofia isn`t the most beautiful,clean city,neither the best place to live in Bulgaria and definitely not even close to cities like Paris,Rome,London or Istanbul.For me,personaly,Sofia is not the dream place,where someone would like to spend their days.But,as they say,every city has something(but Paris has everything! ha-ha).So this is my attempt to show you that ''something'' through my own eyes.
Sorry for the small collection of photos,but since today the Bulgarian government ''fell'' and resign,the country and especially Sofia is covered in protests and strikes,the atmosphere on the streat is really oppressive and it is not the best idea to cross the streets and take pictures.
I hope you are well!

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  1. Beautiful pictures! Stay safe while you're there!! <3


  2. Wow, you have captured some amazing shots! It looks lovely there!

    Love Daniela - (new fan) oxo


  3. Thanks so much for the comment on my blog :)
    I am following you now and I really hope you will follow me too x


  4. Beautiful photos! I hope to visit Bulgaria some day! <3

  5. I think Sofia definitely has a beauty of its own... even the name is like no other! And I'm sorry to hear about the government, I hope things are safe and quite now. Please keep us updated, Veselina!

  6. Is a beautiful city! The photos are really great, wish to visit it some day soon:) Kisses! xo


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