понеделник, 28 януари 2013 г.

''Let them eat cake'' she said

This post was a fun to do...oh,it was really fun time to be Marie Antoinette or Madame de Pompadour for one day,which include colorful makeup,glitters,cakes and a big dose of infantilism.
Yes,I just can`t abstain from living in this pink world for one day,the same old world I used to get away as a little child...I guess I haven`t reshape that much all these years...And I do not want to!

''Let them know how to achieve this look'' I say!Haha,no,there are any special technics,not a single mot of magic,it`s just the way I did it.
The really pale skin is a must have for this epoch.The absence of tanned skin shows,that you are rich enough to have other people to do your work in the scorching sun.The aesthetic standarts are really different nowaday,aren`t they?
I use ''Impala'' foundation (Shade 1),when I want my skin to be really white and flawless,because this product is tick and makes your skin doll-like.I am afraid,that this brand is selled only on the Balkans,but you can do your little research if you are interested.For my cheeks I used a bright pink eyeshadow from a palette from Primark- ''Saint and sinner''.
I wanted to hide my eyebrows and I tried different ways.At the end I decided to go for a ''frosty'' look,achieved with a tick layer of foundation,primer from ''Avon'',two white eyepencils(from ''Impala'' and ''Maybelinne'') and white eyeshadow.

For my ''new'' eyebrows and the heart-shaped beautymark I used this black liquid eyeliner from ''Golden Rose''.

And to decorate my new eyebrows,I put a second layer above them with a liquid eyeliner from Primark in ''Aqua Horizon''.I used this eyeliner also to color my lashes on the top of the black mascara.

I primed my lids with the white pencil from ''Impala''.I do this step everytime,when I use glitter to be sure,that it will stay on long enough.I used babyblue eyeshadow for the crease and golden eyeshadow and glitter for the eyelid,but you can use whatever combination of colors you want!

I can`t find the right periwig for this look here,in Bulgaria.That's why I made my hair white with a baby powder.Add a lot of teasing,fake flowers and everything pink you can find around your house and curl little strands.

For the lips-try some ombre looks and combination of colors for more fun!I used this pastel coral lipstick from ''Barry M'' for base and on the top-a little bit of hot pink (my pink lipstick is from ''Golden Rose'') anddd...Voila!You look...actually strange,but it was funny,right?

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  1. Such a inspiration. Love your shoes. :)
    Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog, following you now. :)


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