неделя, 20 януари 2013 г.



As a part of Louise`s Bedroom Beauty Challange my first recreation is Vivacious Vixen.
I am really thankful for the chance to take part in something like this,because I think,that this challange provoke my creativity and save me from the boring everyday makeup routine.
For this look I took inspiration from the graphic eyes and red lips of divas and bombshells like Sophia Loren,Brigitte Bardot,Marilyn Monroe and so on.
Well,it is impossible for me to look that atractive,but I can`t renounce-it is really funny :)
Now,grab your eyeliners and scarlet lipsticks and be a vixens at least for today!

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  1. Wow its gorgeous!! <3 I love the eyeliner and red lip - although it is not something I would go for it is stunning!! <3
    Lots of love from


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